Dedicated software development centers for clients

We establish and manage dedicated software development units on your behalf to extend the capabilities of your internal teams. The dedicated teams work as seamless extensions to your internal teams, with people, policies, processes and culture in alignment for successful outcomes.

We provide the business framework and the necessary infrastructure for the extended, dedicated business unit, including:

  • Office/work facilities for the team
  • HR policies in-line with your needs but also in compliance with local laws and practices
  • Payroll and benefits management
  • Communication and development systems
  • Talent recruitment
  • We remove the hassles in establishing and maintaining the business unit so you can keep focus on enhancing your product/SaaS offerings. You task and manage the dedicated team for performance and delivery as per your needs.

    Customized teams as per client needs

    We establish and maintain teams in line with local laws, policies and practices and in alignment with client needs. We ensure right level of integration of dedicated teams with client company internal policies, people, processes and systems. For example, we create custom HR policies for client’s teams to ensure right level of integration for smooth functioning of the teams.

    We can help develop and establish appropriate team culture as needed. For example, teams for developing newer products/services require a flat hierarchy, members who take own initiative to innovate, whereas mature products tend to require process oriented, risk averse culture.

    Clients can have complete visibility to people, policies, processes, costs etc. of the dedicated team.

    Success through coordination with clients

    We ensure success by coordinating at various levels:

  • Business liaison – handles client account, payroll and benefits, billing etc.
  • People liaison – handles HR policies, recruitment and retention, team work culture, etc.
  • Systems liaison – handles facilities infrastructure, development and collaboration systems, communications, VPN, etc.
  • Specialized for product development/cloud services (SaaS)

    Our services are specialized around software product development and SaaS/cloud services offerings. We build teams, as per client needs, for:
  • All types of design and development of features and enhancements to product/SaaS offering
  • Cloud migration/porting
  • DevOps
  • Maintenance/bug fixes
  • Q&A, testing, performance benchmarking, test automation
  • Continuous integration (CI)
  • Documentation
  • Release management
  • Interface development – end user, APIs, Web Services
  • Product technical Support
  • Sales/Pre-sales technical support
  • Solutions offerings in emerging technologies:

  • IoT (Internet of Things) & AoT (Analysis of Things)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Big Data and Predictive Analytics
  • Services are tailored for SMEs engaged in Product Development/SaaS

    Our services are ideally suited for:
  • Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and technology startups who cannot take on the additional cost or the hassle of starting a new business unit
  • Software product development/Cloud Services (SaaS) companies looking for an partner who specializes and understands the functions
  • Clients engaged in emerging/innovative technologies and facing talent shortage in local market