Advanced Technologies

We specialize in offering services in the following advanced technologies


Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Internet of Things (IOT)

Cloud Solutions/SaaS

Aspireal is a designated Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner. AWS is the most popular cloud computing platform, and we help clients migrate and implement advanced technology solutions on AWS.

Data Science and Analytics

We offer end-to-end data science and analytics services, from data capture at source, through storage, transform/merge/cleanse/standardization, all the way to analytics and advanced visualization for decision makers

  • IOT Device/Sensor/Machine generated data
  • Streaming data
  • Scaling/Big Data
  • Data warehousing/Data Virtualization
  • Master Data Management
  • Access control/security/privacy
  • Analytics
  • Visualization/Reporting

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

We use AI/ML technologies to improve business performance of our clients.

  • Improve marketing and advertising effectiveness
    • Track user behaviour, narrow down campaigns to highly likely potential customers, and automate many routine marketing tasks
  • Improve customer services and experience
    • Establish virtual assistant programs to provide real-time support to users and customize offers
  • Automate large workloads
    • Collect and analyze data from IOT sensors, categorize data, automatically route service requests, etc.
  • Optimize logistics
    • Use AI-powered image recognition tools to monitor and optimize your logistics routines, infrastructure, etc.
  • Increase manufacturing output and efficiency
    • Automate production line by integrating industrial robots into your workflow and teaching them to perform labour-intensive or mundane tasks
  • Prevent outages
    • Use anomaly detection techniques to identify patterns that are likely to disrupt your business, such as an IT outage. Specific AI software may also help you to detect and deter security intrusions
  • Predict performance
    • Use AI applications to determine when you might reach performance goals, such as response time to help desk calls
  • Predict behaviour
    • Use ML algorithms to analyze patterns of online behaviour to, for example, serve tailored product offers, detect credit card fraud or target appropriate advertisement
  • Manage and analyze data
    • AI can help you interpret and mine your data more efficiently than ever before and provide meaningful insight into your assets, your brand, staff or customers

Internet of Things (IOT)

We offer services for IOT solution design, implementation, and support. Our expertise includes IOT architectures (cloud/fog based), IOT devices, connectivity gateways, cloud-based platforms for operational and analytics data and scalable applications.

Cloud Solutions/SaaS

We are experts in AWS, Azure, and Google platforms and offer design and implementation services for cloud-based solutions (SaaS). We also help clients transition from a traditional enterprise to a cloud-based enterprise.

We serve a variety of industry verticals including:
  • Technology, Software/SaaS
  • Finance & Capital Markets
  • Insurance
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Mining
  • Government
  • Infrastructure